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The Hassle-Free Way to Manage and Share Medical Information

As a mother, it often falls on you to keep everyone in your family safe, happy, and healthy. 

This burden hits hardest on mothers who care for children with chronic health conditions who might need medical attention at a moment’s notice. These dedicated moms must also maintain a steady regimen of doctor’s appointments and specialist visits to keep their kids at their best.

Not to mention all of the normal stresses that come with parenting.

A doctor appointment app helps you take advantage of the digital world. These apps help you schedule and remember your appointments and simplify the sharing of medical information.

Medical Appointment Apps Remember So You Don’t Have to

A doctor appointment app can tell you and everyone else in the family when you have an upcoming appointment. It uses texts, calls, emails, and push notifications to help you get your family out the door and to their next appointment on time. 

These digital notifications also remind your children (who are often too busy with sports, school, and extracurriculars to remember) that they have an upcoming appointment. 

Instead of feeling as though their appointment interferes with their plans, these notifications empower your children to take a more active role in their scheduling.

When they feel prepared, your kids are less likely to resist or complain when the time comes for an appointment.

The Benefits of Going Above and Beyond with a Medical Appointment App

Making it to your appointments consistently and on time with the help of the app reminders is a win for everyone involved, but health management apps do more than just remind you of appointments. They can also save your family time, money, and heartache. 

1. Savings on Missed Appointment Fees

It’s costly and frustrating when you do everything in your power to get your family out the door and still can’t make it to your appointment on time. No matter the reason, forgetting an appointment or showing up late is frustrating. 

Worse, you may get saddled with missed appointment fees and delayed medical treatment. 

A doctor appointment app provides multiple reminders to ensure that you remember appointments and can fit them into your busy family schedule.

2. No More Going Without Prescriptions or Refills

You might need specific appointments to get prescription refills for yourself and your family or reminders to pick them up at certain times. 

An app takes this burden off your shoulders by remembering all of those details for you. You can find out when your providers are ready and available to write refills so you can move in and out of appointments quickly. Now you can spend less time waiting and more time with your family.

3. Shared Information Helps You Delegate Responsibility

With all of the information stored in your medical appointment app, you won’t be the only person in charge of remembering upcoming appointments. You can share that info with others and help babysitters, relatives, and care providers get your kids where they need to be on time.

4. Easy Contact Information

With an in-app contact book of your family’s providers, you can figure out who you need to call to set up a new appointment-all it takes is a few swipes of your fingers. No more scribbled phone numbers taped to the fridge.  

You can also share these phone numbers with your family through an app so that in the event of an emergency, they can call the right doctor without having to call you first. This info empowers them to take control in an emergency without wasting vital seconds trying to reach you.

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