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Organize, Share and Track Your Family’s Health and Wellness In One Easy To Use Tool

Did you know that in the U.S. over 80% of a family’s healthcare decisions are made by women?

American Moms face the stress of navigating a complicated healthcare system on top of the “normal” hassles that come with balancing responsibilities of parenting, work and personal lives.

It’s a lot.

That is why we weren’t surprised when we talked to early users of Acensa Health who told us stories of struggling to keep up with managing the health and wellness for those they care for.

We used what they told us to create a health management app that is easy-to-use and handles all of the organization needs a working Mom has as she juggles health and wellness decisions for her family.

Keeping your healthcare info organized then and now

Baseball practice. Gymnastics. Homework. Housework. Meeting your friends for dinner. The gym?

Work deadlines. Lunch with the boss. Late afternoon meetings.

The list of to-do’s and what to remember is long for most working parents. It’s easy to forget a medical appointment or to schedule a follow up exam.

In the past, parents relied on paper notebooks or calendars to keep track of activities, events and appointments. Often stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet, these tools worked well, but only when Mom remembered to add everything and family members remembered to look at it.

In the early 2000’s it became common for some people to track their calendars digitally. From the Palm Pilot to the Blackberry, working Moms had calendars in the palm of their hands. The challenges happened because these early devices could handle only one calendar at a time, had no capacity for sharing and privacy wasn’t even a consideration.

The IPhone launch in 2007 changed how digital calendars worked. Soon, developers were creating apps that could handle some of the information that working parents needed to have available. This was a huge improvement, but didn’t effectively organize all of the health and wellness activities for every member of a family.

Now, health and wellness apps are a $4 trillion business, and nearly 80% of the world’s population has a smart phone capable of holding several calendars.

Keeping your healthcare info organized then and now

Having the ability to share calendars was a game changer in terms of the ability for working parents to manage schedules for their children. 

Unfortunately, just being able to see a calendar wasn’t enough to make navigating health and wellness for kids, parents and others in our care manageable.

Working parents, especially Moms, needed a personal medical records software that could handle not only calendars, but notes and secure sharing between those that needed the information. That’s where Acensa Health was created.

Sharable Profiles

In many cases, Moms are responsible for the decisions around health and wellness for their families. Moms care for their partner or spouse, children, pets, and in many cases – Moms care for extended family members.  Not just appointment scheduling, they keep track of what happened at a doctor’s visit and communicate that to the people who need to know.

Shareable profiles make that easier.

With the Acensa Health tool, each member of the family (or their caregivers) can have a profile. Access can be granted to those who need to have information, and kept from those who don’t.

Note taking

A visit to the doctor can be stressful and rushed. Often booked for just 15 minutes, it can be difficult for a parent to remember to ask all of the questions they mean to ask or to recall the supplement their doctor briefly discussed.

Note taking or journaling, both pre- and post appointment, can help a family organized and information accessible.


Data privacy has been at the top of the news for the past several years. Hackers and data-sellers have made headlines with breaches and it has led to a greater awareness of the need to keep our information secure.

Health and wellness information is among the most important data to secure. 

With this in mind, the creators of Acensa Health included privacy protections in the app. For example, though everyone in a  family can have a sharbale profile, that doesn’t mean that everyone has access to all of the information on each profile.  Individuals and administrators can choose who gets to see data – and who doesn’t.

Making healthcare information accessible for everyone

Acensa Health was designed to be accessible to everyone. Low cost and easy-to-navigate, it is a tool that you can use to organize the health and wellness of everyone in your care.

Never worry about missed appointments or forgotten questions at a doctors office, now you can keep everything in one place.

It makes navigating healthcare easier. And every working Mom needs that.

When you are ready to organize your health and wellness data on an app that takes your data privacy seriously, join our waitlist to be notified when this innovative tool launches.

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