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Your Family’s Health Records are Your Responsibility, How to Keep Them All Organized and in One Spot

As a Mom, not only are you tasked with caring for your child and making sure their daily needs are met, you’re also responsible for managing their healthcare and keeping track of their health records to ensure they receive the best medical care and support possible in times of need.

It’s a lot to manage on your own. The responsibility can feel overwhelming, especially on top of work, family obligations, and your personal life. Not to mention, the stress of dealing with the fragmented US healthcare system.

It can be a headache to be the one burdened with keeping track of it all, and being the one responsible for making your family’s healthcare decisions – 80% of which are made by women in households in the US. Acensa Health was born after witnessing the plight of working Mom’s trying to balance career responsibilities and managing the health and wellbeing of their loved ones.

Having experienced the struggle of keeping track of medical records, managing appointments and follow-ups, as well as questions to ask our medical providers ourselves, we saw the need for a central, secure, and accessible way to house, keep track of, and share healthcare information between you and your family. So that you no longer have to carry the burden of managing it all on your own.

Enter a new way of managing your family’s healthcare…

The days where family medical appointments were tracked on the calendar next to the kitchen table, and healthcare files were stuck haphazardly in the ‘family’ folder of the filing cabinet in the office or spare room closet…that solely relied on Mom to remember them…are thankfully over.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to keep track of everything with pen and paper or worry if you’re missing something on your running mental list. Trying to remember what appointments are where, what questions you need answered when you get there, or whether or not you have your insurance details with you…

With the feedback we received from early adopters of the Acensa Health app we’ve been able to create a space for it all. To help you keep track of and manage every aspect of you and your family’s health care from appointments, to prescriptions, to insurance. Everything you need in one central place, at the tips of your fingers.

Help release the stress of healthcare management…

You have enough to keep track of between swimming lessons, band practice, dinner dates with your gal pals, and work deadlines to name a few. You shouldn’t have to be doing mental gymnastics when it comes to managing your family’s healthcare too. 

We found that while the ability to share calendars with family members was helpful, it was simply not enough to release the stress of managing the health and wellness of those in your care. And we felt the need to find a way to relieve the stress of managing your family’s medical information and make going to the doctor a less onerous and more easeful experience. Which is where the Acensa Health app comes in. We’ve created an app for family health that not only notifies you of upcoming appointments, but also reminds you to book follow ups, has a space to take notes, and allows you to easily share medical information, that is completely secure. 

Integrations for peace of mind…

Keeping Notified

Remembering when and where each of your respective family members’ medical appointments and prescriptions can be enough to make your head spin. Not to mention also having to remember to book that follow up appointment or refill that prescription

We’re focused on creating access to fit your needs by integrating the Acensa Health app with all of your family’s providers, labs, pharmacies, and clinics so that you’ll be notified and never have to worry about missing an appointment or refilling a prescription again. 

Accessible Family Healthcare

We know that more often than not it’s Moms that are responsible for not only making healthcare decisions for their families, but also keeping everyone up-to-date on what is happening with regards to medical care.

Whether it’s caring for your spouse, your kids, your parents or other extended family members – you need to be able to keep everyone informed beyond just sharing scheduling details. Shareable profiles make that simple and accessible.

You can grant access to information with those who need it, and keep it from those who don’t. Information sharing is easy with anyone who has a profile. So, if you need to share details of what happened at your kids appointments with your spouse, or about your parents’ health with your siblings – it’s simple with the Acensa Health app.

Staying Organized

If you’ve ever felt so stressed and rushed at a doctor’s appointment that you forget what questions to ask, you’re not alone. Most doctor’s offices schedule patients in 15 minute increments and are often running behind and trying to catch up…which can make you feel like you have to get in and out as fast as possible.

It can be disorienting and difficult to feel organized and remember to ask all of the questions you have under that type of pressure. Having a central space to take notes before and after each of your family medical appointments can help to relieve the stress and pressure you feel during the appointment. Which is exactly what we’ve created in the app, to help you stay organized, keep appointments on track, and get all of your questions answered.

Secure and Private Network

When it comes to health care information, we understand that having a secure and private way to access it is of the utmost importance. Information hacking and data selling has been on the rise in recent years, which is why the Acensa Health app has privacy protection built in, creating a secure network for your most private information. 

Additionally, profile sharing doesn’t mean that everything on your profile is shared. As an individual, or administrator for a family member, you get to pick and choose which details you share and who you share it with. You are in complete control. This helps to maintain safety, security, and peace of mind. 

The benefit of having everything in one place…

Accessible healthcare for you and for those you love. Acensa Health helps take the stress out of navigating the medical system, and makes it easy for you to care for those you love and yourself as well!

You’ll never have to worry about missing an appointment, what questions to ask when you get there, or forgetting to refill a prescription again now that you have everything in one central and secure place at the tips of your fingers.

Ready to create more space for yourself, your family, and doing what you love together? Join the waitlist to be notified when this progressinve healthcare management tool launches.

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