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6 Ways To Use The Acensa Health App to Track Your Family’s Health

Are you looking for an easy way to track and share your family’s health information with others? Maybe you’re struggling with organizing your family’s medical information and can’t find a convenient way to keep yourself organized.  Keeping up with your family’s health needs, medical files, and appointments while also managing your own can sometimes seem like an impossible task. 

Fortunately, the Acensa Health app has everything you need to effortlessly track your family’s medical information. Whether you’re a caregiver or are in charge of your family’s health needs, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how the app works and how you can use it to manage your family’s health with ease.

1. Organize medical cards and files 

Once you add a family member to your Acensa Health app, you can then store their medical cards and files using Acensa Health’s wallet feature. It can be overwhelming trying to organize medical cards like insurance and health cards for each of your family members, and the app makes it a straightforward process by providing you with a space to store those cards online and in one spot. 

2. Store your healthcare team’s contact information

Rather than searching for the contact information of each family member’s practitioner, you can easily store your healthcare team’s contact information on the app. If your family members see different doctors and specialists – you can create a healthcare team contact list for each family member on your account with the wallet feature of the app.

3. Upload medical files 

Storing medical files can get messy fast – even if you have them organized in a file folder or binder. As the files start to pile up, it can be difficult to sort and store them for each of your family members. With the app, you can upload medical files for each family member and keep them stored in an organized space. You’ll be able to access your family’s medical files with the touch of your fingertips and won’t have to worry about bringing them to appointments with you or losing them.

4. Keep track of appointments

Are you tired of having an overflowing calendar that’s always running out of space and impossible to read? You can keep track of every appointment each family member has online. With Acensa Health, you can seamlessly add appointments according to family members and also access past appointments for reference. Your appointments will all be readily available and you can even share them with your Apple Calendar to sync your schedule. You can also take notes in each appointment with questions for your doctor and checklist items.

5. Journal your thoughts and health updates

Not only can you use the app to track your and your family’s medical information, but you can also use it to journal as well. With the Journal feature, you can unwind and practice self-care by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a safe space. It’s important to take time to release your feelings and emotions, and to let go of any stress you’ve been holding onto. If you’re always on the go, use the app’s Journal feature to jot down any feelings, notes, and thoughts you have. You can also use this space to write down health notes for each family member including blood pressure, weight, etc. 

6. Share family member profiles

One of the most common issues primary caregivers experience is having no way to share family member appointments and information with others. Whether you’re looking to share medical information, appointments, allergies, or other updates with another caregiver or family member, you can keep the lines of communication open by sharing their profile with the app. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to organize your family’s medical information for easy accessibility and sharing – it could save you time, stress, and energy if there is ever a medical emergency. Share updates, appointments, documents- it is that easy!

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