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A Quick Guide to Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities You Should Know About

If you’re considering becoming a caregiver for a loved one or are looking to pursue a career in the field, it’s important to understand the various duties that a caregiver is responsible for. Caregivers have a long list of responsibilities they need to carry out in order to ensure their patient is receiving the best care possible. While duties will vary from patient to patient depending on their needs, there are a few tasks that all caregivers should be familiar with. These are the top caregiver duties and responsibilities you should know about.

1. Prepare a care plan

Before starting on your caregiving journey, prepare a care plan that will outline your loved one’s health condition, goals, and needs in detail. Having a plan set in place will help you stay organized, focused, and knowledgeable about your patient’s medical and health needs. A plan will also help you calculate how many hours of care your patient needs per day. If your loved one or patient requires more care, you can consider hiring additional help to assist you.

2. Assist with basic needs

As a primary caregiver, you will be responsible for ensuring your loved one has everything they need to successfully carry out their daily routine. In some cases, you may need to feed them, bathe them, and ensure all of their hygienic needs are met each day. Other daily tasks like grooming, brushing their teeth, and helping them get around the house may also be part of your responsibilities. 

3. Oversee medical appointments

You will need to plan, book, and oversee all medical appointments to ensure your patient family member isn’t missing any appointments. If they have a busy schedule or are suffering from a progressive condition, they may have difficulty remembering all of their scheduled visits and will need you to stay organized for them. Track all of their appointments in the Acensa App, where you can use the calendar function to plan your months in advance and set important reminders.

4. Manage prescriptions and medications 

Along with medical appointments, you will also be responsible for managing their medical prescriptions and medications. You will need to ensure your loved one is taking all of their medications in the right dosage and at the right time. You can help them refill their prescriptions and lower the risk of your loved one accidentally missing medications and falling ill. Staying on top of their prescriptions will keep them stay on the right track and help them meet their needs.

5. Provide companionship 

Older adults often experience feelings of loneliness and sadness, especially if they are living alone or suffer from a progressive disease like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Loneliness can lead to a decline in health and depression in the elderly which can severely impact their mental health. One of the most important jobs you have is to provide companionship and support to your elderly loved one or patient to keep them in a positive mindset.

6. Help with housekeeping

As the elderly age, it can become more and more difficult for them to maintain their homes. You will need to help with house chores and may eventually become solely responsible for household duties including washing the dishes, taking out the bins, maintaining the lawn, vacuuming and more. It is your duty to keep the house in good condition and to ensure that they have a clean and safe living environment while helping them live with dignity in a tidy environment.

7. Provide transportation

Your loved one will eventually require help with transportation as driving and public transportation will no longer be a safe or viable option. You can provide transportation for your patient yourself if you are able, or you can reach out to get additional help. 

If you’re looking to become a better, loving caregiver and streamline your responsibilities, the Acensa Health app can help. With the app’s calendar function, you can easily plan and manage your loved one’s medical appointments, ensuring they don’t miss a single one.

You can also use the app to manage their prescriptions, keeping them on track and avoiding any accidental missed doses. Additionally, the app offers helpful reminders and resources to assist you in providing the best care possible. Download the Acensa Health app today and start simplifying your caregiving responsibilities.

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