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The One Tool You Need To Manage Your Family’s Health

I know first-hand how stressful it can be to try and balance a busy work life with a family. There are many responsibilities that come with having a family, and one of the most important responsibilities to prioritize is arguably their health. Navigating the healthcare system isn’t easy — but balancing your family’s health with your life tasks can be simple with this one tool.

The Acensa Health app is an app that works to seamlessly store and organize all of your family’s medical records, history, and appointments in one, easy-to-reach space. It’s the one app on your phone that will make life easier, rather than more complicated.

The app allows you to store appointments and prescriptions

Keep all of your appointments in an organized, digital calendar under the appointments feature of the app. Each profile for every member of your family will have its own appointments tab — making it significantly easier to keep track of upcoming dates for you to remember.

Keep track of your family’s medical records and documents seamlessly

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by countless documents, appointments, and prescriptions, create a profile for each of your family members on the app. There, you’ll be able to upload their medical files, cards, and other necessary information all in one space. 

Have medical documents and medical cards at your fingertips

Gone are the days of having to search through your file cabinet and folders when in search of important medical documents. Simply upload medical files and copies of health cards to each of your family member’s profiles. This way, you can easily access vital documents and insurance cards during appointments from your phone.

Make notes as you go 

If you’ve ever been at a doctor’s appointment only to forget to write down helpful information — you’re not alone. Now, all you need is to use the journal feature on the app to jot down

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